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Term deposits

By depositing your free funds in the Standard, Multicurrency or Junior ”Start-up” deposit account of Baltic International Bank, you will earn anticipated and guaranteed interest throughout the whole deposit period. 

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Investment opportunities

Baltic International Bank offers an innovative investment calculator, a tool where you can get acquainted with the Bank's current offer and select and choose different investment products according to your interests, find out the key indicators, i.e. the expected return, terms, possible risks, as well as apply for a consultation with the Bank's investment specialist.




Standard Deposit is a type of short-term investments where you deposit your free funds for the specific period lasting from three months to three years and earn stable and guaranteed interest. If necessary, during the period of contract validity you may borrow up to 80% of the deposited amount. 


By choosing the Multicurrency Deposit, your funds will simultaneously be held in different currencies. The interest rate for each currency is fixed prior to contract conclusion. During the life of the Deposit you may freely convert currency thus keeping your money safe and even growing as a result of rising exchange rates.


Junior Deposit ”Start-up” is a start-up capital for the prosperous future of your children. You save funds which your son, daughter or grandchildren will get after they reach the age of majority. Once a year, the interest computed is added to the principal deposit amount thus increasing profitability.


Term deposits can be opened in euro, USD and GBP.



Term deposits in Baltic International Bank


The possibility to earn stable interest


The possibility to deposit in different currencies and for different deposit terms


The return of deposits amounting up to EUR 100,000 is guaranteed by the Deposit-Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Latvia


Baltic International Bank is a participant of Latvia’s Deposit-Guarantee Fund. Thus the safety of your deposit is guaranteed by the Deposit-Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Latvia in accordance to the Deposit Guarantee Act as well as the binding regulations set by the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

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