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Shadow day at Baltic International Bank

Shadow Day is annual career education day during which kids from schools all over Latvia have the opportunity to visit various companies in order acquaint themselves with the professions they would like pursue in the future.

We are glad to participate in these events and share the experience of Baltic International Bank professionals to help young people choose their occupation. 

Shadow Day 2020 at Baltic International Bank 

This year, 13 pupils from all over Latvia attended Shadow Day, who had come to see our colleagues and their daily work – Chairperson of the Management Board, Viktors Bolbats, Member of the Management Board and head of the Security Service Anda Saukāne, Head of Compliance, Natalija Bolsakova and Head of Development of Digital Channels, Jānis Osis.

On Shadow Day, pupils had the opportunity to find out the profession represented by their employer, ask questions about and better understand work in the Bank. After the Shadow Day, the pupils were delighted and acknowledged that the work at the Bank was very interesting and very responsible. Thanks to our responsible and friendly colleagues and active pupils who participated in the Shadow Day.

Shadow Day 2019 at Baltic International Bank

​Thirteen senior-class pupils from all over Latvia had come to shade three vacancies during the Shadow Day 2019: Chairman of the Board Viktors Bolbats, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department Laima Zēmele and Head of Corporate Finance Oto Davidovs.

Our active and determined shadows not only got acquainted with the specifics of the work at Baltic International Bank and chosen professions, but also took part in filming the TV program. Young people had arrived from schools in Riga as well as Jelgava, Sigulda, Plaviņas and Daugavpils. Many thanks to our 13 shadows! It was a great day!


 Shadow Day 2018 at Baltic International Bank

Sharing experience with professional bank employees and modern work environment in the heart of Old Riga - these are just some of the preconditions of work at Baltic International Bank that contribute to the Bank's continuous development. Latvian secondary school students who visited Baltic International Bank on Shadow Day 2018 also observed it.


Baltic International Bank give paramount importance to succession in business and transfer of skills, knowledge and experience to youngsters who are just learning how to set their life goals and are choosing their career path. We are participating not only in the Shadow Day. For many years, children have been undertaking summer practice at Baltic International Bank and acquiring skills required for banking professionals. 



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