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Repo transactions

By entering into a repo transaction with Baltic International Bank you can use your securities to obtain additional financing from the Bank in a fast and convenient manner, while continuing to receive the income from your securities portfolio.

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Use your securities to obtain financing to fund your personal needs or to invest into other financial instruments, increasing you overall financial instruments exposure and boosting potential portfolio return.


Using the opportunities offered by repo transactions you can continue receiving income from your securities portfolio (e.g. in the form of dividends or coupons) and, at the same time, receive short-term financing from the Bank (for up to 6 months) with an option to extend it using your securities as collateral.



Repo transactions in Baltic International Bank


You can receive additional funding in a fast and convenient manner using your securities as collateral


The amount and price of financing depend on the composition (quality and time to maturity) of securities


A possibility to agree on the terms of a transaction – the amount and term of financing


Prior to making a decision to conclude an agreement with Baltic International Bank regarding provision of investment services, in addition to the respective agreement presented to you by your private banker please be acquainted also with the following documents:  

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