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Remote services

Baltic International Bank offers a convenient opportunity to remotely obtain information and make your financial transactions by using Internet Banking as well as by giving orders to your personal banker over the telephone or via email.

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Nowadays, use of remote banking services is a daily need, and Baltic International Bank offers to you the possibility to choose the most suitable type of remote administration of your financial resources and transactions no matter where you are or what time of day it actually is.

Remote services

Internet banking

By using Internet Banking you may quickly obtain information about your financial resources and transactions as well as perform all necessary banking and investment operations. Information about the possibilities provided by Internet Banking.

To ensure protection of your data, you use Digipass Identifier or Digipass for Mobile (Bank-approved mobile application) to gain authorised access to the Internet Banking. Digipass Identifier or Digipass for Mobile generates a new unique one-time password (also called a dynamic password) that enables authorized access to a secured Internet Banking. Bank in its turn stringently verifies the authenticity of the passwords.

You may also use the Digipass device or Digipass for Mobile software to generate your unique electronic signature that you can use to confirm orders given to the Bank. 



Telephone Banking, Email

Telephone Banking will allow you to make transactions by giving orders to a banker over the telephone. To be serviced over the telephone, a special password will be given to you for your safety, and all orders will preliminarily be approved to ensure additional safety. Just one phone call and the required transaction is performed in your current, investment or precious metal account! 


To give a transaction execution order, you may email it to the Bank’s email address having thus obtained the possibility to promptly perform currency transactions and transactions in your current, investment or precious metal account as well as manage your investment portfolio in case a trust management contract was signed. Order emailing is safe since a customer is identified according to the unique code generated by the DigiPass device or DigiPass for Mobile software.



Remote services in Baltic International Bank


The possibility to manage your accounts anytime and anywhere


The possibility to make your financial transactions quickly and conveniently


Personal banker will execute your orders submitted over the telephone or via email

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