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Precious metal account

As an independent asset class, precious metals offer unique diversification opportunities to enhance the return and limit the risk of a portfolio of traditional financial instruments.

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Investments in precious metals have typically shown relatively stable long-run returns not perfectly correlated with the other major asset classes. Thus, adding precious metals to your total financial instruments portfolio may significantly improve its risk-adjusted returns.


You can buy gold or other precious metals by opening a precious metal account with Baltic International Bank. Unlike with a regular current account, in the case of a precious metal account, troy ounces of precious metals rather than money are credited to your account. At the same time, a precious metal account, just like a regular current account, may be used for payments between the Bank’s customers.


Precious metals in a current account are subject to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Latvia. 


Precious metal account in Baltic International Bank


Precious metals have historically preserved relatively stable value in different economic environments


Investing in precious metals presents a significant source of diversification benefits


A precious metal account may also be used for payments between the Bank’s customers

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