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Changes in the Management Board of Baltic International Bank SE

News - October 3, 2022

After four years in office, Viktors Bolbats, Chairman of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank SE, has moved on to new challenges and will continue to work in another European financial institution outside of Latvia. Bank’s Management Board will continue to operate with three members.

Baltic International Bank SE colleagues thank Viktors Bolbats for the tremendous effort he has put into his work during the past five years, when a transformation of the financial sector was undergoing in Latvia. As well as ensuring Bank’s growth, a variety of numerous projects were implemented, helping Bank become a transparent and trustworthy financial institution. During this time, Bank also raised capital through the issue of shares, with an aim to enabling it to grow and introduce innovative services and a modern approach to customer care.

“The past five years have been full of challenges, as substantial changes have taken place in the financial sector, which were required in order to ensure future growth as well as to attract new investors,” says V. Bolbats. “Through our untiring efforts at Bank, we have sought to achieve that competition for the local customer will remain in the market of Latvia’s banks and that foreign investors will take note of Latvia, including the banking sector.”

Anda Saukāne, who has been working at Bank since 2012, initially performing the duties of a tax policy advisor, will continue to work on the Management Board of Baltic International Bank SE. Board Member Bogdans Andrušchenko, who started his career at Baltic International Bank SE in 2002 as a financial analyst, will also remain in office. Māris Liguts, who took office as a member of the Management Board in March this year, also continues to work at Bank. Previously, Māris Liguts worked for the law firm Deloitte Legal where he was a member of the board and a sworn advocate, specialising in legal advice related to banking and financial law, commercial law, and property law.  


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