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Loans for the purchase, construction or repair works of real property, purchase of vehicles as well as payment for services - Baltic International Bank offers personalized financing to satisfy your short and long-term financial needs.

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Jointly discussing and evaluating your needs and financial situation, Baltic International Bank’s team of lending specialists will help you choose the most suitable financing, as well as will offer most suitable financing arrangements for you.


Baltic International Bank offers short-term and long-term loans for the purchase of real property, construction or repair works, purchase of vehicles (car, yacht, plane etc) as well as payment for services (legal services, medical care, travelling, etc).


All loan applications are considered individually, therefore lending specialist will contact you about provided documents shortly after you have submitted an application for financing to the Bank. 


Loan in Baltic International Bank


Opportunity along with Bank’s specialists to choose best financing for your financial needs


You will be advised by the lending specialist as soon as possible after submitting loan application to the Bank


Bank’s specialists will offer you appropriate financing arrangements that will meet your personal needs


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