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Investment funds

Investment funds offer a possibility to invest in financial markets by constructing a well-diversified investment portfolio without having to commit a large amount of funds. 

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By investing in investment funds, you may build a well-diversified investment portfolio with a relatively small initial amount of investable capital. A portfolio constructed using investment funds can be tailored to reflect your preferred investment strategy and risk-return preference. 


Securities specialists of Baltic International Bank will execute your orders to purchase units of any investment fund of your choice and, if necessary, will furnish the necessary information about such funds. The funds may include unit or bond funds, money market funds or alternative investment funds, whose investments are concentrated in any particular region or sector.


The brokerage services team of Baltic International Bank will purchase units of the funds chosen by you that are managed by different management companies. 


Investment funds in Baltic International Bank


A possibility to start investing with a relatively small amount of investable capital


Well-diversified investment portfolios that suit your chosen investment strategy and risk profile


At your request, the Bank’s specialists will purchase the investment portfolio of your choice


Prior to making a decision to conclude an agreement with Baltic International Bank regarding provision of investment services, in addition to the respective agreement presented to you by your private banker please be acquainted also with:

Description of financial instruments and inherent risks  (valid from 23.07.2021.) Description of financial instruments and inherent risks (valid till 23.07.2021.) 
General information concerning an investment service provider and investment services
Client order execution policy (transactions in financial instruments)
Client categorisation policy related to the provision of investment services and ancillary services
Prevention of conflict of interest policy (with reference to the provision of investment services)
List of counterparties

Rules governing brokerage services - valid till 30.06.2020.
Rules governing brokerage services - valid till 14.03.2021.                                                                   Rules governing brokerage services - valid from 15.03.2021.  

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