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Individual asset management – financial instruments portfolio

A diversified portfolio of financial instruments or a carefully selected actively-managed bundle of individual securities have the potential to offer attractive returns to investors. Wise and methodical selection of such instruments that suits your individual profile requires outstanding skill and experience. The highly-qualified team of investment experts at Baltic International Bank will build a bespoke portfolio that is perfectly tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

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The investment team of Baltic International Bank will design a tailor-made financial portfolio that meets your unique financial needs. Our experts will work closely with you to make sure that the resulting portfolio meets your risk and return preferences and gives you exposure only to those investment risks that you understand and feel comfortable bearing.

We will closely cooperate with you both while your portfolio is being constructed and throughout the entire time of its management. You may choose to take an active part in the portfolio management process or to entrust this duty to us. In either case, we will manage your assets in accordance with the mandate stipulated in the trust management contract. We will leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to help you implement and successfully pursue your optimal investment strategy regardless of the financial markets situation.


Individual asset management in Baltic International Bank


We aim to provide you with the understanding of our investment decisions and stand ready to explain or debate them if you express an interest in doing so


The Bank’s specialists will develop a financial instruments portfolio tailored to your unique needs using proven investment management methods and techniques


You have the option to take an active part in the portfolio management process or to entrust this duty to the Bank


The information should not be construed, regarded or relied upon as investment recommendation, investment research, investment advice or a recommendation to transfer your assets for managing by a certain investment manager. Those who have read this information should choose an investment manager solely based on their own evaluation of the circumstances affecting their investments. The burden of responsibility for choosing the investment manager based on the information contained herein will entirely and exclusively rest upon a person having relied on the information.  

Prior to making a decision to conclude an agreement with Baltic International Bank regarding provision of investment services, in addition to the respective agreement presented to you by your private banker please be acquainted also with the following documents: 

Description of financial instrumens and inherent risks (valid from 23.07.2021.) 
Description of financial instrumens and inherent risks (valid till 23.07.2021.) 
General information concerning an investment services provider and investment services
List of counterparties
Client order execution policy (transactions in financial instruments)
Client categorisation policy related to the provision of investment services and ancillary services
Prevention of conflict of interest policy (with reference to the provision of investment services)

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