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Fiduciary deposits

By choosing the Fiduciary Deposit offered by Baltic International Bank you can place your funds in a range of foreign banks without having to open accounts in those banks. 


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Investment opportunities


Baltic International Bank offers an innovative investment calculator, a tool where you can get acquainted with the Bank's current offer and select and choose different investment products according to your interests, find out the key indicators, i.e. the expected return, terms, possible risks, as well as apply for a consultation with the Bank's investment specialist.





Our Fiduciary Deposit gives you the opportunity to deposit your funds in any partner bank of Baltic International Bank or in a bank of your choice in most countries around the world.


You do not need to become a client of the chosen bank as Baltic International Bank will place a deposit in such a bank in its name, while all the benefits from the deposit will accrue to you.


Baltic International Bank undertakes to negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction with the financial institutions of your choice, having previously agreed on such conditions with you. Baltic International Bank is also responsible for executing the transaction.


You may also choose to coordinate the terms and conditions with your chosen bank yourself. In this case, Baltic International Bank will establish partnership relations with the financial institution in question and close the transaction.


The Fiduciary Deposit allows you to markedly diversify the risks associated with depositing your funds in a bank by enabling you to place the funds on deposits in several banks simultaneously in cooperation with Baltic International Bank.


Fiduciary deposits in Baltic International Bank


A possibility to significantly diversify risks by depositing your funds in several banks simultaneously


The Bank administers the transactions efficiently


A possibility to place a deposit in another bank without opening a current account in it


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