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Cash and liquidity management

The cash and liquidity management service provided by Baltic International Bank allows you to earn a return on your free funds while preserving their high liquidity. The Bank undertakes to manage the funds and typically deposits them into liquid money market accounts.

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If you have temporarily free funds that are not required for your everyday financial operations, we offer you the opportunity to place them on money market deposits in our partner banks.


The network of reliable partner banks carefully selected by Baltic International Bank comprises leading global banks, to which Baltic International Bank entrusts the safe-keeping of its assets.


This services helps you increase the efficiency of using your funds by capturing the opportunity costs that you incur if the funds stay idle. The returns generated by money market deposits do not come at the substantial expense of liquidity, as your funds stay highly liquid because of our careful choice of investment vehicles.


Cash and liquidity management in Baltic International Bank


Your funds yield a return in excess of that provided by a typical bank account


When using the cash and liquidity management service, you can access your funds with only a two-day notice for the Bank


Your funds are placed on deposits in reliable partner banks

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