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Baltic International Bank offers a range of products and services for performing transactions in financial instruments, including personalised brokerage services and convenient trading platforms available 24 hours a day.


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Investment opportunities


Baltic International Bank offers an innovative investment calculator, a tool where you can get acquainted with the Bank's current offer and select and choose different investment products according to your interests, find out the key indicators, i.e. the expected return, terms, possible risks, as well as apply for a consultation with the Bank's investment specialist.





If you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by global financial markets while making independent trading decisions, Baltic International Bank will provide you with quick and convenient access to the financial instruments .


When using the standard brokerage services offered by the Bank, you can submit orders for transactions in financial instruments in the manner you prefer (in person, by phone, in the Internet Banking environment, or over any other prearranged communication channels. Our professional team of brokers will execute your orders in the most efficient manner. These might be orders to buy or sell stocks, bonds, investment certificates (units or shares of investment funds), certificates of alternative investment funds, investment gold (physical or non-physical gold, when using a precious metal account), or structured financial products.


Baltic International Bank also provides custody of financial instruments, while strictly adhering to the requirements of both the EU legislation and the national law of the Republic of Latvia, under which the Bank is required to maintain segregated accounts. Under this arrangement, your securities will be held strictly separately from the Bank’s own financial instruments. Thus, the Bank pledges to be able to fully identify the composition of a client’s assets at any time.


Brokerage in Baltic International Bank


The opportunity of carrying out transactions in the global financial markets 24 hours a day every business days


A wide range of brokerage services designed to ensure the execution of transactions in and custody of financial instruments


A broad network of counterparties to achieve the optimal execution of any transaction of your interest


System of investor protection

Customer of Baltic International Bank who receives brokerage services and individual asset management services is entitled to receive a compensation for irretrievably lost financial instruments, as well as for losses caused by non-executed investment service in circumstances when due to financial condition the Bank may not fulfil its obligations towards the customer to the full extent and in due time. The above shall not be applied to situations when execution of investment services has not taken place during the time of normal operation of the Bank. Customer will receive a compensation of 90 percent from the value of irretrievably lost financial instruments or losses caused by non-executed investment service, but not exceeding 20,000 euro.

Customer Deposit Guarantee System

The customer deposit guarantee system applies to the funds in the customer’s investment account transferred to it within the framework of brokerage services and does not apply to the funds transferred to the managed account within the framework of individual asset management. The guaranteed compensation per one depositor (taking into account other deposits of the customer held with Baltic International Bank) is paid in the amount of the guaranteed deposit but not exceeding EUR 100,000 (all accounts added together, i.e. if the customer has several guaranteed deposits in one bank, all the deposits guaranteed by said bank are summed up and regarded as one guaranteed deposit).

Investment services, including deposits in financial instruments, are associated with risks described in the document Characteristics of Financial Instruments and Related Risks. The above details are of informative nature and should not be regarded as a proposal or recommendation to purchase, hold or sell securities; it is not an investment recommendation, investment research, investment advice or a recommendation to transfer your assets for managing by a certain investment manager. Information was prepared by Baltic International Bank.

Prior to concluding the contract on the provision of investment services with Baltic International Bank, in addition to the respective contract provided to you by your personal banker, please also read the documents listed in this section:



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