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Baltic International Bank bonds

By purchasing bonds of Baltic International Bank you invest in fixed income financial instruments and support the implementation of the Bank’s strategy.

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Bonds of Baltic International Bank present an attractive short- or medium-term investment from a return point of view. The returns currently offered by the Bank’s bonds significantly exceed those of standard term deposits. Moreover, investing in bonds issued by Baltic International Bank offers a way to support the implementation of the Bank’s strategy.

The Bank’s bonds are included in the Baltic Bonds List of NASDAQ Riga, which means that these bonds can be traded not only directly with the Bank but also on a stock exchange. Furthermore, you can obtain financing from the Bank using the Bank’s bonds as collateral.

For detailed information on the actual issues, currencies, interest rates and maturities of the bonds contact your personal banker.



Baltic International Bank bonds


A possibility to earn superior returns while participating in the implementation of the Bank’s strategy


A rate of return higher than that offered by conventional deposits


An opportunity to purchase and sell bonds on a stock exchange or receive additional financing from the Bank


Baltic International Bank participates in the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Thus, the safety of your deposits is guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee System of the Republic of Latvia under the Deposit Guarantee Law of the Republic of Latvia and binding regulations of the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

Under the legal norms of the Deposit Guarantee Law of the Republic of Latvia, investments in Bonds are not subject to and are not protected by the mentioned law. 

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