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Baltic International Bank conference for employees


“The Bank is bringing together the best specialists of all disciplines and I am truly proud to work on one team with you,” said the Chairperson of the Management Board, Viktors Bolbats, during the opening of the Baltic International Bank staff conference.

The annual employee conference is a time when we can look back on the last year, evaluate progress and set new goals as a team. This time, a special emphasis was placed on efficient team work, so our colleagues shared their experiences and examples of good practice. We could also look into the ambitious process of renovating the Kalēju Quarter and see the next steps after the Rafter Festival.


Baltic International Bank conference for employees 2018

"Every day coming to work I am absolutely sure that we will succeed!" with these words, Chairman of the Management board Viktors Bolbats addressed Baltic International Bank employees at the annual Employee Conference. 

At the end of the anniversary year of the Bank, we looked back at our quarter-century progress and looked not only into the plans for next year, but also got acquainted with the new premises of the Bank, that will be waiting for us after refurbishment and regeneration of the Old Riga quarter!

 Baltic International Bank conference for employees 2017

"More effective! More responsible! More individual! "- this was the motto of annual Baltic International Bank conference for employees this year. Fantastic atmosphere, professional staff, the desire to improve - this is what unites the team of Baltic International Bank.


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