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Alternative investments

Invest in fast growing, sustainable and advanced industries in the Baltics and Europe. The Bank offers high-quality, sustainable and socially responsible investment projects. When selecting projects, Baltic International Bank pays attention to the project team, its owners and future potential. Alternative investments mainly include real property projects both in and outside the Baltics. In addition to real property, we see particular potential in the renewable energy sector.





Renewable Energy 


The EU's Renewable Energy Directive states that by 2030 32% of the total energy consumption must come from renewable sources. The energy sector in the Baltic region experiences rapid development implementing new, alternative and advanced solutions. With over 37.2% of the total domestic energy consumption produced using renewable energy sources, Latvia is one of the leading countries in the European Union (Eurostat, 2017). The average indicator in the EU is below 20% which means that in the coming years the demand for renewable energy sources will increase. The Bank offers investment solutions for investments in the Baltic wind energy sector with an annual return of 8%.





Real Estate


More and more people choose to invest in real property which is one of the classic and safest ways to invest. Investment experts of Baltic International Bank regularly process information on the real property demand in different segments to provide its customers with high-quality investment offers. In the Baltic region, the demand for commercial properties, i.e. office space, retail space, warehouse, is growing rapidly. The Bank's investment offer includes several real property projects in Latvia, the Baltics and Europe.




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